Lending your clothes, part 2

This morning Zap asked a question about lending out clothes. No one ever asks to borrow my clothes! It was so easy to give her my thoughts on what I would do without actually putting it into practice.

I should have known it was a sign. Hubby just called me from the airport at midnight. The airline lost the luggage of 3 international athletes that we are hosting this week, and could I set aside some clothes for them to wear! Ack! That really stinks but forgive me if I sound less than enthusiastic about lending out my clothes. I just spent the last year on YLF purging everything that I don't absolutely love. I have no idea of their sizes and my size isn't really helpful for most people! I was able to find some t's, tanks, leggings and dresses. Hopefully something fits them and their luggage arrives soon!


Another casual weekend look and homage to IK

Hi all! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I had a full day of family visits, gardening, playing and cleaning with the family. I wanted to be comfortable and look good. I would have preferred longer clams but I have poison ivy on the back of my legs and anything touching it is extremely annoying. I wanted to wear my locket necklace but when I put it on it created an unattractive boob trough. I remembered IK's post about wearing a sports bra as a regular bra. May people commented that they wouldn't do this because it creates a uniboob. I decided that this would be the perfect time to use this trick to keep the locket in the right place. Did I succeed?

Target striped dolman sleeve top, old cut offs, Me Too ballet flats, and my trusty sports bra :)


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More help needed on the JNY Kaleidoscope dress

Thanks to all who responded to my last Keep or Return on the blue JNY Kaleidoscope dress. I've tried to take some suggestions from the last thread. Scarlet and some others suggested dark shoes. I'm not sure about the dark shoes, I think they are too strict here. I'm kind of off black shoes altogether. Also I am wearing different under-thingies. I think it is making a difference... this is probably as good as it gets on my apple belly and it is my biggest consideration at this point. Also, I've tried some potential lengths. It can't stay at it's current length. It just feels too dowdy. I feel like it is best at the just below the knee length, which is probably how it is meant to fall on a regular height person. Thanks for your feedback, I truly appreciate any help you can give.

Is it ok or should I give it up?


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A casual weekend WIW and two K/R

Hi all! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. It's close to 100 degrees here already. This is my typical weekend uniform of cut offs and a cute airy top. I'll be wearing lots of variations of this over the next three months so I thought I'd share it with all of you.

The next two dresses are up for consideration. The first is a variation of the Jones Leaf dress from the fall. This is more like a kaleidoscope print. It is very pretty. It's definitely the longest dress in my closet right now. The first picture is the original length. The second picture is a possible hemming length -- excuse the silly face -- it's hard to stay in this position to hold the length.

The last dress is Kari's coral Tahari dress. It was available in a petite so I thought I would give it a go. My husband and kids all gave it the thumbs up and I am leaning toward keeping it. This could be my summer formal dress for work.

I could keep one or the other or both. I need your honest opinions! No hard feelings! Thanks in advance!


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If you have the hardest to find size in the world

and something promising suddenly becomes available:

1) It will sell out

2) Do Not Wait For a Sale

3) BBQ

My fever pink pumps are already sold out in my size. I am so happy I pulled the trigger a few days ago!!


Retro Bombshells, do you ever feel like you've jumped the shark?

Do you ever feel like you've gone too far with this look? I returned a pair of red pumps a few weeks ago because I felt like they would push my outfits into costume territory.

Now I am considering the hot pink Kate Spade pumps and I'm concerned about the same thing. Do you ever worry about looking too Betty Boop?



Oh no!

Hot Pink Shoes. In my impossible to find size.


Does one *need* hot pink shoes?!


WIW - 5/18/2012 Cole Haan Tali Wedges

This is how I envisioned wearing my red jeans, dressed down with soft neutral colors. I've had them for almost a year and this is the first time the weather and the occasion both cooperated. Before this I always wore them in a more graphic way with black and white, with prints or a little black jacket. This is the first time I am pairing them with soft neutrals. I've been off of jewelry for a while and really haven't worn earrings since I got my hair cut last summer but these big silver boho teardrops just felt right today. The shoes are last summer's version of the Cole Haan Tali Wedges in greige. They are super comfy and are my go to not too dressy and not too casual summer shoes.

Details: AT Loft jacket, Target flower print waffle tee and silver earrings, ON Rockstar jeggings, Cole Haan Air Tali Quilted Wedges, Garnet Hill tote

So does this boho interpretation of the red jeans work or should I stick with B/W graphic prints with them?

YAY: Red jeans work for both graphic mod and boho looks

NAY: Stick with the tried and true


Have YLF tastes evolved?

This dress is a golden oldie and wearing it with tough shooties always feels right to me. But the last time I wore this ensemble it got panned. People said the tough booties didn't go with the delicate dress and that they could possibly be shortening. But since that time it seems that many others are wearing booties and dresses, and ylf'ers keep trying to convince me that I can wear this combo too. I'm wondering if tastes have evolved and this outfit is now seen as ok or is this combo still questionable on me?

Yay: it works!

Nay: i'm too petite to pull off ankle booties with dresses!


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WIW playing around with statement necklaces

I've been pretty much off of jewelry these days but I decided to try some matchy-matchy jewelry outfits.

Sunday (1)- mother's day outfit. I didn't have a chance to catch a full shot but hopefully you get the idea. The colors of the necklace go perfectly with the dress.

Today (2/3)- debut of my Ann Talyor dot dress with brights. I added a coordinating handbag and pile up of necklaces. Actually it is the same statement necklace from yesterday but in a different color. Bonus shot of all the girls in the family together this morning.

I'd love to hear your suggestions. Have a great day!!


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