Lending your clothes, part 2

This morning Zap asked a question about lending out clothes. No one ever asks to borrow my clothes! It was so easy to give her my thoughts on what I would do without actually putting it into practice.

I should have known it was a sign. Hubby just called me from the airport at midnight. The airline lost the luggage of 3 international athletes that we are hosting this week, and could I set aside some clothes for them to wear! Ack! That really stinks but forgive me if I sound less than enthusiastic about lending out my clothes. I just spent the last year on YLF purging everything that I don't absolutely love. I have no idea of their sizes and my size isn't really helpful for most people! I was able to find some t's, tanks, leggings and dresses. Hopefully something fits them and their luggage arrives soon!

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  • Deborah replied 8 years ago

    What a funny turn of events Rita. If they are athletes I would be suprised if you petite sizing will work for them. Can you call on any friends to help put a capsule together for them?

  • christieanne replied 8 years ago

    Oh no! I hope the airline gets their luggage back soon. They probably just need sleeping clothes and some lounge/gear? I can only imagine if they show up and all are close to 6ft tall. Maybe hubby has some tshirts he could toss in ?

  • modgrl replied 8 years ago

    They could be 6' tall, size 0 or size 12, I really have no idea! A couple of hubby's tshirts are a good suggestion. I will throw them in the bag.

  • fashionista replied 8 years ago

    Oh so sad to hear about the luggage. Some airlines!!! Hope they find their luggage soon and you don't have to share your clothes with someone else. EEWW!! I also don't like sharing them, donating, or giving away is one thing.Sharing!!! I am of the strong believer in not sharing clothes, you may get back the sweat, odor, skin diseases, allergies in return to your helpfulness!!!

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