WIW Saturday nite in Little Odessa

This is how we do it. Black from head to toe. Is there any other color? Full bling on -- 4" long rhinestone earrings, diamond watch and my newly reset diamond ring. Whbm dress, target shoes and clutch.


WIW dotty meets kitty inspired by Karen

Once again the lovely and sophisticated Karen has inspired a whole slew of fabulous outfits! I was so happy in this outfit today, thinking about my YLF sisterhood across the world and across generations. I am so inspired by you all.

Marc Jacobs dotty, Ann Taylor Loft skirt, target denim shirt, Cole Haan air Tali wedges.


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WIW more beach vacation shots

Warning, ultra casual beach wear ahead!

Day 1: inspired by the nordie's summer mini catalog. I thrifted this light blouse to use as a beach cover up but liked it enough to wear it on its own.

Day 2: Target hi/low cover up dress over cropped leggings. This also worked over my black bathing suit.

Day 3: shorts and white lacey trimmed tank. I may have been the most dressed up one at the campground with this outfit.

I'm happy to be back home but also looking forward to a few more days of casual wear before heading back to work. Hope everyone had a great couple of days. I missed you all!


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Tahari coral debut

Posted on the run on the way to my daughter's dance recital. Be back later for more details. Love you all! Have a fab Saturday!!


WIW - YLF sisterhood pants - and almost twinnie with Shannon outfit

Well I think I've finally come around completely to white pants. I was sooo utterly against them but now I am totally loving them in both slim and wide leg incarnations. My previous wide leg white jeans were wiggle in tight with absolutely no stretch. Una was getting rid of her white Gap Long and Leans and offered to send them to me. The fit is just perfect!! I can't believe it, it is like they were made for me. And the best part is that there is no VPL at all. Amazing for white jeans!! Thank you Una for sending them to me! I love them!

Another thing that made me happy about this outfit was that Shannon was also wearing a polka dot voluminous top with wide legged jeans today. I am feeling surrounded by YLF love. How would I ever get dressed without you all! (Zara blouse, White Gap L&L, Dr. Scholl's wedges, Garnet Hill tote)


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WIW Playing with the ankle strap

I tried out my black DV Pali sandals in two different ways this week.

Yesterday I wanted to play up the ankle strap pattern. I wore slightly cropped leggings to really bring out the pattern. Cropped pants and ankle strap shoes have the potential to go horribly wrong but I think this works because It is all one color from head to toe, I emphasized my waist and wore a short skirt over slim bottoms. (Tucker for Target dress, Target cropped leggings and old handbag, DV Pali sandals)

Today I minimized the potentially shortening ankle straps by wearing pants that are low contrast with the shoes and go all the way down to the ankle strap. The dolman sleeve top was one of Angie's picks from last NAS. At first I thought it was too long but I'm glad I kept it. I am digging wearing tunic length tops over leggings these days. Plus I love dolman sleeves, even if they don't always love me. (Angie recommended top from NAS last year, ON rock star jeggings, DV Pali sandals and super old handbag )

Whether these work or not, happiness scale was a 10! Comments and suggestions always welcome!

ETA: I just realized that I ticked off Y/N and can't turn it off now! Help me pick your favorite way to wear these ankle strap sandals.

YAY: show off the straps
NAY: minimize the straps
Wildcard 1: works both ways
Wildcard 2: doesn't work either way


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