WIW and if you can't wear leather and leopard to Blondie...

.. where can you wear it?! We got to see two of my favorite bands of all time today - Blondie and X!! Wow, they both still sound amazing! I had lots of fun dressing up in my normal clothes that actually fit right in with the 80's theme.

R&B vest picked up at NYC YLF meetup
NAS Trouve leggings
Angie's Matisse Leopard booties
Target clutch
Lace fingerless gloves from the Halloween store
Vintage 80's golden oldie giant gold hoop earrings

Hope everyone is having a great night!!


What We Wore - Twinnie Express Furry Vest

Last week I posted an Express furry vest. Thanks to your feedback it is now happily part of my wardrobe. I guess the discussion inspired Zap because she got one too! Coincidentally we are both wearing them today. I love having a YLF twinnie!

I remember we had a discussion about male partner's reactions to faux fur. True to most others' experiences, hubby hated the vest. But kids loved it! "Mommy is so soft!"


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WIW Party like it's 2012~

I'm late to the party but I couldn't resist posting this outfit from Saturday night's Citizen Cope concert. It's so 2012 for me because I am pattern mixing dots with animal print, using a clutch, and even though you can't see them I am wearing booties with a dress. Sounds like our party would be a blast. I hope i get to meet all of you in person one day soon!!


WIW - YLF sisterhood pants - and almost twinnie with Shannon outfit

Well I think I've finally come around completely to white pants. I was sooo utterly against them but now I am totally loving them in both slim and wide leg incarnations. My previous wide leg white jeans were wiggle in tight with absolutely no stretch. Una was getting rid of her white Gap Long and Leans and offered to send them to me. The fit is just perfect!! I can't believe it, it is like they were made for me. And the best part is that there is no VPL at all. Amazing for white jeans!! Thank you Una for sending them to me! I love them!

Another thing that made me happy about this outfit was that Shannon was also wearing a polka dot voluminous top with wide legged jeans today. I am feeling surrounded by YLF love. How would I ever get dressed without you all! (Zara blouse, White Gap L&L, Dr. Scholl's wedges, Garnet Hill tote)


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WIW Playing with the ankle strap

I tried out my black DV Pali sandals in two different ways this week.

Yesterday I wanted to play up the ankle strap pattern. I wore slightly cropped leggings to really bring out the pattern. Cropped pants and ankle strap shoes have the potential to go horribly wrong but I think this works because It is all one color from head to toe, I emphasized my waist and wore a short skirt over slim bottoms. (Tucker for Target dress, Target cropped leggings and old handbag, DV Pali sandals)

Today I minimized the potentially shortening ankle straps by wearing pants that are low contrast with the shoes and go all the way down to the ankle strap. The dolman sleeve top was one of Angie's picks from last NAS. At first I thought it was too long but I'm glad I kept it. I am digging wearing tunic length tops over leggings these days. Plus I love dolman sleeves, even if they don't always love me. (Angie recommended top from NAS last year, ON rock star jeggings, DV Pali sandals and super old handbag )

Whether these work or not, happiness scale was a 10! Comments and suggestions always welcome!

ETA: I just realized that I ticked off Y/N and can't turn it off now! Help me pick your favorite way to wear these ankle strap sandals.

YAY: show off the straps
NAY: minimize the straps
Wildcard 1: works both ways
Wildcard 2: doesn't work either way


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Another casual weekend look and homage to IK

Hi all! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I had a full day of family visits, gardening, playing and cleaning with the family. I wanted to be comfortable and look good. I would have preferred longer clams but I have poison ivy on the back of my legs and anything touching it is extremely annoying. I wanted to wear my locket necklace but when I put it on it created an unattractive boob trough. I remembered IK's post about wearing a sports bra as a regular bra. May people commented that they wouldn't do this because it creates a uniboob. I decided that this would be the perfect time to use this trick to keep the locket in the right place. Did I succeed?

Target striped dolman sleeve top, old cut offs, Me Too ballet flats, and my trusty sports bra :)


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A casual weekend WIW and two K/R

Hi all! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. It's close to 100 degrees here already. This is my typical weekend uniform of cut offs and a cute airy top. I'll be wearing lots of variations of this over the next three months so I thought I'd share it with all of you.

The next two dresses are up for consideration. The first is a variation of the Jones Leaf dress from the fall. This is more like a kaleidoscope print. It is very pretty. It's definitely the longest dress in my closet right now. The first picture is the original length. The second picture is a possible hemming length -- excuse the silly face -- it's hard to stay in this position to hold the length.

The last dress is Kari's coral Tahari dress. It was available in a petite so I thought I would give it a go. My husband and kids all gave it the thumbs up and I am leaning toward keeping it. This could be my summer formal dress for work.

I could keep one or the other or both. I need your honest opinions! No hard feelings! Thanks in advance!


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WIW - 5/18/2012 Cole Haan Tali Wedges

This is how I envisioned wearing my red jeans, dressed down with soft neutral colors. I've had them for almost a year and this is the first time the weather and the occasion both cooperated. Before this I always wore them in a more graphic way with black and white, with prints or a little black jacket. This is the first time I am pairing them with soft neutrals. I've been off of jewelry for a while and really haven't worn earrings since I got my hair cut last summer but these big silver boho teardrops just felt right today. The shoes are last summer's version of the Cole Haan Tali Wedges in greige. They are super comfy and are my go to not too dressy and not too casual summer shoes.

Details: AT Loft jacket, Target flower print waffle tee and silver earrings, ON Rockstar jeggings, Cole Haan Air Tali Quilted Wedges, Garnet Hill tote

So does this boho interpretation of the red jeans work or should I stick with B/W graphic prints with them?

YAY: Red jeans work for both graphic mod and boho looks

NAY: Stick with the tried and true


WIW style evolution leads to breaking my own rules

Oh my! Who is that person wearing a waist surrender top AND white pants?!? Holy cow, had you asked me about these things a month ago I would have said, you must be talking about those west coasters with their laid back style. Not me. Oh no. No white pants on the east coast. And definitely no surrender. I wore this outfit a few weeks ago and my poison eye for waist surrender didn't get me then. And now I am really starting to like this style on me. With the help of some creative undergarments, I can still look like I have a shape even if I am not showing off every inch of it. I do have to keep the pants slim though. I don't think I am up for volume over volume. That would not work on me.


WIW catching up 2/26-3/2

I decided to consolidate this week's WIW's into one post since there's really not much new here and most of these are repeats or remixes in some way.

1) one of two new things here. I was browsing kids clothes for my son and saw this adorable gingham button down for $9 at Target.... it's a boys L and it fits like a women's 4, in case anyone is still looking for the perfect gingham shirt. I wore this out to see my friends' folk band play at a club. I felt totally appropriate in the comfy and slightly country vibe of this outfit.

2) hubby ripped my black puffer. Lucky break for me, I have an excuse to upgrade when I thought I would have to wait until next year. This is the Land's End Essential Down parka and it is on sale right now. Waves at MaryK, I think this is the coat she got for her east coast trip too.

3) NAS jacket and Ann Taylor ponte pants. Oops, I think I gained a little weight, this looks tighter than I imagined it to be in my head. Not sure if I would wear it exactly like this again. The pants seem tight and I feel kind of exposed in skinnies and such a short jacket!

4) Outfit of controversy! I wear it even though it got mixed reviews here on YLF... some say the light boots make the outfit look unbalanced. I think the light colors in the top pull it together. I am posting because I'm trying something new with the cuffs. Does it help to bring the outfit together to have the shirt cuffs peaking out? Waves to Natalie who wore this shirt this week too!

5) Kari's scribble dress has become my go to easy outfit for the winter. I paired it with my new animal bag for a bit of pattern mixing overload. It's a lot of pattern but everything is in the same tones so I felt like it went together.

6) Inspired by Angie's NYFW orange and animal combo, I decided to try out my own version. H&M cropped jacket from last summer, Ann Taylor blouse and skinnies.

7/8) Evolution of a WIW that started out as #7. This seemed to work better in my head but when I saw the pictures it looked like Angie's New New Style Epiphany from April fools day and I had to change my shoes. The top is too short to wear with heels. If I was wearing a tunic, I think it would work better. #8 is how I actually left the house. Wow, this looks so much better with boots!

Suggestions and comments greatly appreciated! I am always inspired by you and learn so much every time I post. Thanks for looking!


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