YLF please be my eyes - academic types especially!

I'm looking for a dress to fit the same niche as this one from last year (first picture). I love the dress from last year but I'm so bored of it. I wore it at least 10 times last summer.

Is this DVF dress too off the wall for summer presentations (second picture below):


I have to look friendly and approachable while being authoritative and in control. It is a delicate balancing act. Is this dress pushing it too far into the "I'm having too much fun on summer vacation" territory?


Dotty on the go

Not sure about dotty with stripes. What do you think?


WIW dotty's second day on the job

I'm trying out some more advanced pattern mixing with the hectic geometric pattern blouse and the polka dot bag. I thought it worked because the shirt had some lighter toned spots in it, but my male coworker thought it was TMGO. How about you?


WIW dotty's debut

Here is the debut of my Angie recommended Marc Jacobs dotty bag. Since Marc Jacobs is showing dot on dot, I thought I would try it too. Maybe its too much cuteness? Worn with my Frenchi jacket, loft boots, and halogen seamed skirt.


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Belt, tuck or untuck?

Help me get dressed today. How should I style this:

1) belt

2) tuck

3) untuck

4) wildcard? Should I do something else I haven't thought of?


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WIW maximal minimalist

After yesterday's pattern fest I wanted something calmer. I thought I was going for minimalist here but now that I am looking at it I'm not sure if it is really minimalist. I felt pretty snazzy with the animal bag, column of black and leather jacket at work. Hope you like it!