A few NAS reviews, better late than never!

Hi all! Sorry long time no post! I miss you all and I try to check in as much as I can - which sadly isn't too much these days!

I did manage to grab a few things from NAS this year that I wanted to share with you.

Just for the sake of completeness, I am 5' tall and 125 lbs.
All photos shown with Halogen Faux leather front leggings. They were also part of NAS but they don't seem to be available any more. They were sized M-L-XL, and I was a little concerned about sizing. They are sold as "hosiery," I should have taken this as a sign. The M is just right on me, they are pretty tight fitting.

1) Only Mine Cashmere Sweater (http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/on.....er/3493611)
I sized up to a M because I wanted a looser fit. I like this one alot thought it's hard to try on cashmere in 100 degree weather. Also wearing my new MK sunnies (shop.nordstrom.com/s/michael-michael-kors-56mm-square-sunglasses/3433792). They were not part of the sale but they were a necessity!

2-4) Rubbish Fairisle sweater (shop.nordstrom.com/s/rubbish-fair-isle-long-sweater-juniors/3440109) also sized up to a M. It is pretty long and covers my rear end. I like it for casual MOTG wear, not sure if I would wear it to work though.

5-7) The Big Splurge! Eileen Fisher Nubble Sweater (http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/ei.....er/3497058) it is fab quality and pretty funky with the Hi/Lo hem. It's hard to capture it in all it's movement. I tried some back and side shots to give you an idea. I am still mulling this one over because it is pretty spendy for me, though I really love it! I will probably wear it with either wide legged pants or pencil skirts, not leggings. SIze is XS and it is very oversized!

Hope everyone is having a great summer and a great NAS!


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I didn't listen to YLF

I wanted this Tom Ford copy cat dress....


Thought I would wear it to my Russian restaurant parties.

I tried it on last night and I simply do not like it anymore. Ugh!

After two years on YLF, I am still making shopping mistakes! I am so mad at myself. I could have bought a dress that I would actually wear for the money I spent on this thing!!


More help needed on the JNY Kaleidoscope dress

Thanks to all who responded to my last Keep or Return on the blue JNY Kaleidoscope dress. I've tried to take some suggestions from the last thread. Scarlet and some others suggested dark shoes. I'm not sure about the dark shoes, I think they are too strict here. I'm kind of off black shoes altogether. Also I am wearing different under-thingies. I think it is making a difference... this is probably as good as it gets on my apple belly and it is my biggest consideration at this point. Also, I've tried some potential lengths. It can't stay at it's current length. It just feels too dowdy. I feel like it is best at the just below the knee length, which is probably how it is meant to fall on a regular height person. Thanks for your feedback, I truly appreciate any help you can give.

Is it ok or should I give it up?


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If you have the hardest to find size in the world

and something promising suddenly becomes available:

1) It will sell out

2) Do Not Wait For a Sale

3) BBQ

My fever pink pumps are already sold out in my size. I am so happy I pulled the trigger a few days ago!!


Oh no!

Hot Pink Shoes. In my impossible to find size.


Does one *need* hot pink shoes?!


YLF please be my eyes - academic types especially!

I'm looking for a dress to fit the same niche as this one from last year (first picture). I love the dress from last year but I'm so bored of it. I wore it at least 10 times last summer.

Is this DVF dress too off the wall for summer presentations (second picture below):


I have to look friendly and approachable while being authoritative and in control. It is a delicate balancing act. Is this dress pushing it too far into the "I'm having too much fun on summer vacation" territory?