David Bowie at AGO in Toronto

I just got back from a long weekend visit to Toronto to see David Bowie is at AGO (http://www.ago.net/david-bowie-is/). If you are anywhere near Toronto and you have an interest in music, art, or fashion, I highly recommend this exhibit.

The exhibit doesn't just focus on just the music. It is an exploration of his creative process and how he has used fashion, make up, theater, and film to manipulate his image and create not just music but an entire vision for his art. ALL of his iconic outfits are displayed and you can view the front and back - including Ziggy Stardust era unitards, Greta Garbo style Thin White Duke suits and (OMG!!!!) THE ALEXANDER MCQUEEN UNION JACK JACKET!!

I have to thank YLF, especially Suz for the great Toronto recommendations. We stayed at the Beverly, a tiny boutique hotel right in the middle of Queen Street West. It was a very fun neighborhood and we didn't have to venture very far for good food, sassy cocktails, and ample retail opportunities. Of course I had to take advantage of being right next door to zara to buy a parka (http://www.zara.com/us/en/woma.....30078.html). You'll just have to trust me that it looks better in real life than it does on the model. Holy tax rate though!! I didn't realize it was 13% in CA. We don't have any tax on clothes where I live.

The best part of the weekend was spending time with hubby. It was our first time away from the kids since they were born almost 8 years ago. We could have pretty much gone anywhere and had a good time together!


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I have too many _______, and not enough ________

We come back to this question every few months here on YLF . I'm wondering where everyone is at right now.

I have too many _______, and not enough ________

I'll start

I have too many ___BOOTS___, and not enough ___BOOTS____.

It's a capsule that I can never seem to fill. I wear boots 9 months out of the year. Every time I think I have enough boots for the boot apocalypse, I find another hole in my boot wardrobe.


Lending your clothes, part 2

This morning Zap asked a question about lending out clothes. No one ever asks to borrow my clothes! It was so easy to give her my thoughts on what I would do without actually putting it into practice.

I should have known it was a sign. Hubby just called me from the airport at midnight. The airline lost the luggage of 3 international athletes that we are hosting this week, and could I set aside some clothes for them to wear! Ack! That really stinks but forgive me if I sound less than enthusiastic about lending out my clothes. I just spent the last year on YLF purging everything that I don't absolutely love. I have no idea of their sizes and my size isn't really helpful for most people! I was able to find some t's, tanks, leggings and dresses. Hopefully something fits them and their luggage arrives soon!