WIW OTG and casual work days

IK's post is making me feel like my "uniform" might be getting old just as I'm finally starting to get the whole skinnies and boots thing. I realized that my WIW's look almost the same this week. I haven't posted other outfits that were repeats. I love to repeat a successful formula but I don't want to bore you all.

1) chewyspaghetti and I wore just about the same outfit yesterday with black skinnies and H&M vest. It's hard to see but I am also wearing Angie's NAS recommended pendant that mirrors the shapes in the blouse.

2) I'm reposting this picture of my purple skinnies day because I think it's easier to see the detail of the black ruffled sweater. Next week I'm trying this with the recommended gray stripes and gray booties.

3) OTG, I couldn't get a shot all by myself but this pretty accurately portrays my days with the kiddos. I wanted to dress up my MOTG uniform a bit for an event at the school. I was stalking this Loft jacket for a while -- how many gray jackets does one need?! -- I decided that it was perfect and I couldn't pass it by. I know some of you are over ruffles but I am not. I love them for their miraculous baby belly camouflaging powers. I was pretty happy with how this one turned out and the 3 year olds at the school seemed excited to see me. I hope you approve!


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WIW - rescuing an orphan sweater dress out of the donate pile

I bought this Loft sweater dress last winter when I was feeling particularly down about my style. It kind of symbolized everything that was sad about the way I felt about my look. It was gray and shapeless. I've been ruthlessly and unsentimentally leaving team keep behind, so I couldn't wait to get rid of this dress when I pulled out my winter sweaters box.

And then I saw Angie's post on sweater dresses (http://youlookfab.com/2011/10/.....on-the-go/)

I started thinking that maybe this dowdy thing could be fresh again. I added the right undergarments this time - thank you Victoria's Secret for carrying my size in a bra style that makes me look like I have a shape. I also added my YLF NYC obi belt to give me waist definition. I wore opaque tights and tall black boots to give my legs a long lean line. And to finish it off, I got a sassy haircut that changes everything. What a difference a few seemingly minor changes can make! I got more compliments on this outfit at work than I have on anything in a long time. I'm really happy with how this turned out and I think I've managed to rescue an orphan!