High Heels

I'm sorry but I think we're through. We've had a good long run but I don't think we can see eachother any more. Even if you are sweet and soft and good and comfortable, I am just too tired after walking on stilts all day.

I've gone back to mini wedges in summer and almost flat riding boots in winter. How about you, are you still wearing heels?


Would you ever think about buying a man's sweater for yourself?

I am really digging this elbow patch wool sweater:

Is it too masculine? Should I look for a more feminine version?

YAY/NAY: Would you ever think about buying a man's sweater for yourself?


Retro Bombshells, do you ever feel like you've jumped the shark?

Do you ever feel like you've gone too far with this look? I returned a pair of red pumps a few weeks ago because I felt like they would push my outfits into costume territory.

Now I am considering the hot pink Kate Spade pumps and I'm concerned about the same thing. Do you ever worry about looking too Betty Boop?



Two by two

I'm happy I got to spend some quality time in my closet this weekend. I feel like I have a better handle on what I have and what I am looking for this spring.

I realized that I have duplicates of almost all of my blouses. I have one light and airy and the other shorter and more fitted of the following: dark with white polka dots, animal, gingham and chambray. Is that crazy?! All of them are in heavy rotation these days. I reach for them on casual work days, MOTG and date nights. Should I look for more variety in my wardrobe? I like having fit options but it seems like I could either minimize my wardrobe by not having duplicates or I could use more color options.