A few NAS reviews, better late than never!

Hi all! Sorry long time no post! I miss you all and I try to check in as much as I can - which sadly isn't too much these days!

I did manage to grab a few things from NAS this year that I wanted to share with you.

Just for the sake of completeness, I am 5' tall and 125 lbs.
All photos shown with Halogen Faux leather front leggings. They were also part of NAS but they don't seem to be available any more. They were sized M-L-XL, and I was a little concerned about sizing. They are sold as "hosiery," I should have taken this as a sign. The M is just right on me, they are pretty tight fitting.

1) Only Mine Cashmere Sweater (http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/on.....er/3493611)
I sized up to a M because I wanted a looser fit. I like this one alot thought it's hard to try on cashmere in 100 degree weather. Also wearing my new MK sunnies (shop.nordstrom.com/s/michael-michael-kors-56mm-square-sunglasses/3433792). They were not part of the sale but they were a necessity!

2-4) Rubbish Fairisle sweater (shop.nordstrom.com/s/rubbish-fair-isle-long-sweater-juniors/3440109) also sized up to a M. It is pretty long and covers my rear end. I like it for casual MOTG wear, not sure if I would wear it to work though.

5-7) The Big Splurge! Eileen Fisher Nubble Sweater (http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/ei.....er/3497058) it is fab quality and pretty funky with the Hi/Lo hem. It's hard to capture it in all it's movement. I tried some back and side shots to give you an idea. I am still mulling this one over because it is pretty spendy for me, though I really love it! I will probably wear it with either wide legged pants or pencil skirts, not leggings. SIze is XS and it is very oversized!

Hope everyone is having a great summer and a great NAS!

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  • Transcona Shannon replied 10 years ago

    Wow Rita - these are all fantastic on you! They fit beautifully and totally suit your style. Keep it ALL!

  • Joy replied 10 years ago

    Rita, it's good to see you post. I like everything on you but if you keep just one thing, I vote for the EF Nubbie Sweater. I love it on you, especially the way the texture goes with your curly hair.
    Next best is the Fair Isle sweater worn with the leggings. The proportions look great and that can't be easy with a long top at your petite height.

  • Suz replied 10 years ago

    Great to see you, Rita, and you are looking great! I like all of these a lot for your style, but have to agree with Joy that the last two are especially great (and that's a surprise because I know your love for dots.) The Rubbish is surprisingly great, actually -- it works like a tunic and would be a super MOTG piece. The textures of the EF is fab and I can see you wearing it lots of ways. 

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 10 years ago

    They all look fab! The black polka dots are so fun and look great on you. The EF sweater is definitely a keeper in my book; I really like it on you. It will look great with pants and skirts--for work, right?--and with jeans outside of work.

  • Deborah replied 10 years ago

    Hi Rita, it is good to see you post:)  The polka dot sweater is cute but I think I may be a bit over polka dots at the moment so it's not grabbing me like the EF sweater and the Fair Isle.  I think all are great choices and will work well for you.  The Fair Isle does read as more MOTG and would be fab for weekends.

  • Marley replied 10 years ago

    Love the EF!  The texture and proportions are so great on you - and the high/low hem adds a touch of "trendiness" to it!  Actually, I think all of them look really good on you - thanks for posting!

  • Beth Ann replied 10 years ago

    You look terrific in all three, Rita, no surprise there.  I have to say the EF is particularly stunning.  Perhaps running through a list of ways you might wear it and estimating a CPW would be useful?

  • Susie replied 10 years ago

    I ordered a bunch of things but I am only keeping 2 pieces and one is that EF sweater! I love it and I think it looks terrific on you.

  • rachylou replied 10 years ago

    Hey Rita! You look so fab in all these! I esp. like the faux leather leggings.

  • Vix replied 10 years ago

    Hi Modgrl --

    Nice to see you around! I have to say I was skeptical about the EF knowing how petite you are and how her clothes tend to be cut, but when I saw the photo I was a convert. I'd say you're 3 for 3 on sweaters!

  • replied 10 years ago

    Good to see you post.  Yes! They all look great.

  • CocoLion replied 10 years ago

    Yes, all three are fantastic keepers!  You look stunning in those leggings, I love the way these sweaters work with them.  So when you're not wearing your sweaters to work, you know you have some killer weekend looks to turn to.

    ETA -- and nice to see you post again.  You are missed!  I love your concise wise feedback.

  • goldenpig replied 10 years ago

    I've missed your posts! These all look fab, all three are keepers! The leggings and sunnies look great too!

  • lyn67 replied 10 years ago

    They look all great to me, Rita, pls keep!

  • replied 10 years ago

    Everything looks good, especially the EF sweater! Nice to see you.

  • Jaime replied 10 years ago

    All are gorgeous and I love your hair! I actually really love the fair isle one on you and I don't generally love that style.

  • Lisa replied 10 years ago

    You knocked this one out of the park.  The dot sweater is lovely on you.  I also went up one size in it.  We are sweater sisters, I am keeping the taupe one.  The grey stripe sweater is a great length on you for leggings, nice pick!  And you splurge item, is worth the splurge, is a stunning piece on you.  Nice job at NAS!

  • Mochi replied 10 years ago

    Oh, Rita. Now because of you I ordered that Eileen Fisher sweater. It is the perfect cut, color and texture and am anxious to try it. It looks fantastic on you! You should try and hold onto it if at all possible. 

    The other two are nice, and the second one, definitely if you need a casual sweater. They are not the knockouts the EF sweater is, but we don't always need a knockout piece. 

  • Angie replied 10 years ago

    Great to see you post again. I miss you.

    *waving at my cream dotty twin*

    You look superb in all the knitwear! I'm glad you're happy with it :) xo

  • missvee replied 10 years ago

    I love 1 and 3, but 2 seems a bit "country casual" somehow..

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