WIW and if you can't wear leather and leopard to Blondie...

.. where can you wear it?! We got to see two of my favorite bands of all time today - Blondie and X!! Wow, they both still sound amazing! I had lots of fun dressing up in my normal clothes that actually fit right in with the 80's theme.

R&B vest picked up at NYC YLF meetup
NAS Trouve leggings
Angie's Matisse Leopard booties
Target clutch
Lace fingerless gloves from the Halloween store
Vintage 80's golden oldie giant gold hoop earrings

Hope everyone is having a great night!!

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  • MsLuna replied 10 years ago

    Have lots of fun in the concert! LOOOOOVE this look on you!

    And who says you can't combine leather and leopard on a regular day? ;)

  • catgirl replied 10 years ago

    Dang, girl - where have you been?  Love this 80 fabaliciousness!

  • Diana replied 10 years ago

    Rita, you look AMAZING.  Missing you around here, lady!

  • Beth Ann replied 10 years ago

    Oh, how fun!  Love the outfit, and your hair looks stunning!

  • celia replied 10 years ago

    Oh my, you rock the leather pants. Great outfit.
    Sounds like you had fun too.

  • replied 10 years ago

    You look super!

  • Jjsloane replied 10 years ago

    You look perfect! I still love that vest and am so glad you went back for it!

  • Mochi replied 10 years ago

    Holy @#$#$#, you look amazing, girl! You have the funnest life, bouncing from Birthday Bowie Ball to Blondie! Academic by day, rocker chick par excellence at night. Those 80's and futuristic details work so cohesively together. 

  • Deborah replied 10 years ago

    You look so cool! I saw Blondie 2 years ago and Deborah Harry is amazing! Good to see you:)

  • Suz replied 10 years ago

    Fab outfit for a fab event! No wonder you had fun!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 10 years ago

    Too much fabness!

  • modgrl replied 10 years ago

    Hi Everyone! Yes I came out of hiding. Work and Life with two small children have been super busy lately and I don't have much YLF time. Also, my outfits haven't been super creative or cutting edge as I only have time to throw on my FFBO's... I don't feel like there's much new to share...  Less time on the forum means I'm not really moving my wardrobe forward right now. The only shopping I've been doing is replacing worn out tried and true favorites and filling immediate gaps (like a cocktail dress for my cousin's wedding).

    Mochi, Jeanne and Diana, do you remember when I found this vest in the first 30 seconds I was in NY? I had to agonize over it for the appropriate amount of time. I'm glad I went back for it a few hours later. My 80's ensemble would not have been complete without it!

  • replied 10 years ago

    Glad you had a great time, you really do look FAB!  Love the addition of the gloves.

  • annagybe replied 10 years ago

    Love this look.

  • Karie replied 10 years ago

    The '80's was a great decade! Rock on, sista!

  • K. Period. replied 10 years ago

    Waaa! How awesome looking are you!!!  And Blondie and X, wow! I'm totally jealous.  I've seen X and I've seen the Knitters. Yes, I'm that kind of fan. And don't even get me started on how cool it is that Exene is just one degree of separation (Viggo!) from the Pope! The Pope! And Exene! Sorry. Ran away with that one. Woooo.  But I've never seen Debbie Harry, so I am very jealous!  Especially since you got to see them at the same time. So jealous. 

  • citygirldc replied 10 years ago

    Awesome. I'm glad you had fun. She still sounds great and how about X?  Wow.

  • Day Vies replied 10 years ago

    So modern, so sassy, so retro (in a way) I love it! Marking as a fave! 

  • Day Vies replied 10 years ago

    Have a fabulous time! 

  • Vix replied 10 years ago

    Hi Modgirl --

    Saw this earlier in the week and loved it!

    Am a bit sad that you didn't fully commit by dying your hair blonde (with dark roots) but I GUESS that would have been a bit hard to explain back at work. ;)

    Glad you had a blast; DHarry is definitely a tough broad with talent.

  • CocoLion replied 10 years ago

    This is both fun and chic.  Blondie... X... taking me back!

  • Sveta replied 10 years ago

    This is simply awesome, Rita.

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