I have too many _______, and not enough ________

We come back to this question every few months here on YLF . I'm wondering where everyone is at right now.

I have too many _______, and not enough ________

I'll start

I have too many ___BOOTS___, and not enough ___BOOTS____.

It's a capsule that I can never seem to fill. I wear boots 9 months out of the year. Every time I think I have enough boots for the boot apocalypse, I find another hole in my boot wardrobe.


What We Wore - Twinnie Express Furry Vest

Last week I posted an Express furry vest. Thanks to your feedback it is now happily part of my wardrobe. I guess the discussion inspired Zap because she got one too! Coincidentally we are both wearing them today. I love having a YLF twinnie!

I remember we had a discussion about male partner's reactions to faux fur. True to most others' experiences, hubby hated the vest. But kids loved it! "Mommy is so soft!"


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WIW Party like it's 2012~

I'm late to the party but I couldn't resist posting this outfit from Saturday night's Citizen Cope concert. It's so 2012 for me because I am pattern mixing dots with animal print, using a clutch, and even though you can't see them I am wearing booties with a dress. Sounds like our party would be a blast. I hope i get to meet all of you in person one day soon!!


Help me find a cute little turquoise bag

I love this bag but hate that it is plastic. Anyone seen anything like it in leather? Any help or leads appreciated!


WIW bombshell possibly jumps the shark

Form fitting waist emphasizing dress, animal print high heels, turquoise bag and chunky jewelry. Is it good or too too much? I have my daughter's camp show and then off to work afterwards.

Yay: cute sexy mommy

Nay: save this combo for date night only


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Angie's rec Blondo boots and Shannon's Maggie London

Full credit for these spectacular pieces goes our YLF sisterhood.

The boots are Angie's recommended Blondo stretch boots. They fit snugly on my calf and can stretch to fit with skirts or tucked jeggings.

The dress is Shannon's Maggie London wrap dress. Tags are off! There is no way this one is going back!! I wasn't looking for a dress at NAS but when Shannon pointed this one out, it spontaneously jumped into cart. Glad it did because I am in love!!


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WIW can't resist the pull of summer dresses

I've talked before about my summer dress obsession. This is one capsule that never feels full to me. I wear them almost year round with toppers in the winter. I wear them to work, casual, motg, all summer long. And there always seems to be one that's on it's way out. So when I see a cute sprightly summer dress, I can't seem to pass it up. No k/r on this one. Check out the perfect length!! It looks like it is pulling across the bust but I think this is just my stance. It isn't really doing this in real life. Thanks for any suggestions for styling. I think the graphic pattern will be very versatile. Have a great day!!

New Target sheath, dv sandals, kors necklace, old Target bag


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WIW dotty's on the go

Before I start posting my NAS k/r's I thought I would post today's outfit. I am meeting a friend from Alaska today. How lucky am I? I got to meet our own Una (alaskagirl) over the weekend in NYC and now I have another Alaskan visiting! Except Dotty, everything here is very old but being worn in a new way. Feels good for a friends' sunny summer day out. Sorry I have been pretty much out of the forum recently. Life interferes but you all are never far from my mind. Love and miss my YLF sisters.


NYC mini meetup!! With alaskagirl!!

Hello all alaskagirl is visiting family on the east coast and made time for us YLFers!!!

Zap, modgrl, Geeta (ak's sister), alaskagirl


WIW Custo Barcelona inspiration with ankle strap of controversy

I know everyone is so distracted by NAS right now but I am still in major hug my closet mode. I spent the better part of last year shopping like crazy and I am having so much fun with all of the new combinations every morning. I am not even tempted by NAS --well just a little -- since I already feel like I don't give my clothes enough love. That is a good argument for a smaller more streamlined wardrobe for me. Perhaps having too many choices isn't always the best.

Today I decided to try debombing my turquoise seamed skirt by pairing it with a hi/lo pb blouse and ankle strap sandals. I know that ankle straps with bare legs are controversial, especially for someone who is verrrrry petite, but I just thought if I rocked it with enough verve and attitude, it would erase all doubt. What do you think?