WIW can't resist the pull of summer dresses

I've talked before about my summer dress obsession. This is one capsule that never feels full to me. I wear them almost year round with toppers in the winter. I wear them to work, casual, motg, all summer long. And there always seems to be one that's on it's way out. So when I see a cute sprightly summer dress, I can't seem to pass it up. No k/r on this one. Check out the perfect length!! It looks like it is pulling across the bust but I think this is just my stance. It isn't really doing this in real life. Thanks for any suggestions for styling. I think the graphic pattern will be very versatile. Have a great day!!

New Target sheath, dv sandals, kors necklace, old Target bag

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  • Sona replied 11 years ago

    Fab dress. I think it would look wonderful in fall with some of the depper reds that are trending as well: either a red topper or red leggings/jeggings. The turquoise is an amazing pop too! Great score.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 11 years ago

    Love this dress on you Rita! Great fit and fantastic pattern! Love it with those chunky sandals.

    And I totally get your dress love - I have it too!

  • Diana replied 11 years ago

    Nice! Black and white is always so chic. I love it with the turquoise.

    PS - I totally thought this was the KS japanese floral from the thumbnail.

  • marianna replied 11 years ago

    Perfect! I also thought this was Kate Spade at first!

  • Angie replied 11 years ago


    Love you in this length of frock.

  • sarah replied 11 years ago

    Nice to see you again, Rita. You look terrific as always : ). You are the queen of summer frocks.

  • Kirti replied 11 years ago

    It looks great Rita! :-)

  • MNsara replied 11 years ago

    Great dress! It fits you perfectly and strong black and white is always fresh and modern to me.

    It sounds like you're keeping your dress capsule fresh and appealing by continually adding new and retiring old. Good plan ;-)

  • replied 11 years ago

    It's perfect for you, and the first thing I thought was it looked like Natalie's Kate Spade. It's a 10 for sure. Love it with your bag and chunky black sandals. TDF!

  • christy replied 11 years ago

    Oh wow - what a terrific dress! Love the pattern, love the fit on you, love everything about it!

  • Meredith1953 replied 11 years ago

    Love this dress on you! What a great graphic pattern! The sandals are gorgeous with it.

  • cjh replied 11 years ago

    Wow, that is totally fab and those shoes up the whole outfit into FABUTASTIC! Forgive my silly expression - can't think of words at the moment... but it's true!!

  • rae replied 11 years ago

    I wouldn't be able to resist, either! Reminds me a fair bit of Natalie's Kate Spade fan print dress - and how great that it is already the perfect length.

  • MsMary replied 11 years ago

    Love it! And add me to the "I thought it was a Kate!" crowd!

  • Janet replied 11 years ago

    I totally understand the love for summer dresses -- they make getting ready so easy, and staying cool a little easier too!

    This looks great on you, Rita.

  • Vicki replied 11 years ago

    It's a perfect look and a perfect length on you and I can see how you would never want to fill this capsule. The chunky sandals, great necklace and turquoise bag show your ease in styling your summer dresses and I really think this pattern is amazing. I also liked hearing how you wear them through all the seasons with toppers and layers.

  • Beth Ann replied 11 years ago

    Love this dress on you! I tried it on and decided that the scale of the print wasn't doing me any favors. The irony? Well, I've got to have several inches and more than a few pounds on you, and yet the scale of the print is absolutely fab for you! I agree that the length is perfect on you, too. And I love the touch of color!

    Long live the dress!

  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    I don't know how I missed this! Rita this is stunning on you. In fact, I want this dress:). Gorgeous pattern, great fit and length. It was made for you, your styling is perfect.

  • goldenpig replied 11 years ago

    Aw, I thought for a sec when I glanced at the thumbnail that we were dress twins in the KS floral! You look divine though! I agree, you can never have too many dresses!

  • anne replied 11 years ago

    Great Dress Rita and I agree - it is hard to resist a good summer dress!

  • replied 11 years ago

    Looks great! Sophisticated!

  • KathyL replied 11 years ago

    I love summer dresses too! This one is perfect on you! I love the turquoise with the black and white. Red would be great too. I found two of my favorite summer work dresses from Target.

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