What We Wore - Twinnie Express Furry Vest

Last week I posted an Express furry vest. Thanks to your feedback it is now happily part of my wardrobe. I guess the discussion inspired Zap because she got one too! Coincidentally we are both wearing them today. I love having a YLF twinnie!

I remember we had a discussion about male partner's reactions to faux fur. True to most others' experiences, hubby hated the vest. But kids loved it! "Mommy is so soft!"

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  • keruchina replied 11 years ago

    You look sleek and super cute. As does Zap.

  • Suz replied 11 years ago

    I love that you are such different heights and yet both look fab in the vest. Amazing. And I love ylf twins.

  • modgrl replied 11 years ago

    Zap it looks awesome on you! I need to try it with a silky shirt next time.

  • TraceyLiz65 replied 11 years ago

    I don't know why my husband just got a face when I showed him mine? what is that about? Going to debut mine with a dress for next weeks copycat challenge...

  • JR replied 11 years ago

    You look radiant. I'm trying to decide if it's the colours you're wearing or the door behind you. If the latter, you should use it for colour inspiration!

  • Mo replied 11 years ago

    Lol @ mommy is so soft! I once got a date because of petting someone's shirt - I'm sure I'd be petting you if you let me. :)
    My BF is conservative on a lot of things (sequins, leopard print) but for some reason he was on board searching for furry vests last winter. Actually said he liked the merlot Express faux fur jacket we saw except for the zip front.

  • Ariadne replied 11 years ago

    Love the vest so much! It looks great on both of you.

  • modgrl replied 11 years ago

    @mo, express had a merlot colored one this year too. It was gorgeous! It was a boxier cut than this one and didn't work as well for my (verrry short) height.

  • Kirti replied 11 years ago

    This looks great on both of you :-)

  • Mona replied 11 years ago

    Amazing vest and beautiful YLF twins!

  • catgirl replied 11 years ago

    Both beauties in faux fur!

  • Angie replied 11 years ago

    GORGEOUS YLF twins :)

  • replied 11 years ago

    Thanks Rita for posting my picture. I actually enjoyed wearing the vest A.K.A. Chewbacca, today!

    It definitely passed the all day test and no one took a second look.

    It is so funny how this came out to be. Rita and I were chatting about something else and I ended up mentioning to her that I was wearing the vest. We decided to do an impromptu tweenie post. I had actually bought this one originally in grey, but loved the brown on Rita and decided to exchange it.

    I found it hilarious that the vest seems to work on both of us. I am 5'8" and Rita is a gorgeous petite! We both picked a green top too! Thanks for looking and commenting.

    Rita, you look gorgeous. Next time I'm belting it!

  • Caro in Oz replied 11 years ago

    You both look fantastic.

  • Aida replied 11 years ago

    You both look fab! How fun that the vest works so well for both of you :D

  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    This vest looks so good on you both. Rita your outfit looks great. Glad to see faux fur vests are still on trend:) My hubby rolls his eyes every time I wear mine!

  • Kiwichik replied 11 years ago

    Great outfit.

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