WIW OTG and casual work days

IK's post is making me feel like my "uniform" might be getting old just as I'm finally starting to get the whole skinnies and boots thing. I realized that my WIW's look almost the same this week. I haven't posted other outfits that were repeats. I love to repeat a successful formula but I don't want to bore you all.

1) chewyspaghetti and I wore just about the same outfit yesterday with black skinnies and H&M vest. It's hard to see but I am also wearing Angie's NAS recommended pendant that mirrors the shapes in the blouse.

2) I'm reposting this picture of my purple skinnies day because I think it's easier to see the detail of the black ruffled sweater. Next week I'm trying this with the recommended gray stripes and gray booties.

3) OTG, I couldn't get a shot all by myself but this pretty accurately portrays my days with the kiddos. I wanted to dress up my MOTG uniform a bit for an event at the school. I was stalking this Loft jacket for a while -- how many gray jackets does one need?! -- I decided that it was perfect and I couldn't pass it by. I know some of you are over ruffles but I am not. I love them for their miraculous baby belly camouflaging powers. I was pretty happy with how this one turned out and the 3 year olds at the school seemed excited to see me. I hope you approve!


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WIW - rescuing an orphan sweater dress out of the donate pile

I bought this Loft sweater dress last winter when I was feeling particularly down about my style. It kind of symbolized everything that was sad about the way I felt about my look. It was gray and shapeless. I've been ruthlessly and unsentimentally leaving team keep behind, so I couldn't wait to get rid of this dress when I pulled out my winter sweaters box.

And then I saw Angie's post on sweater dresses (http://youlookfab.com/2011/10/.....on-the-go/)

I started thinking that maybe this dowdy thing could be fresh again. I added the right undergarments this time - thank you Victoria's Secret for carrying my size in a bra style that makes me look like I have a shape. I also added my YLF NYC obi belt to give me waist definition. I wore opaque tights and tall black boots to give my legs a long lean line. And to finish it off, I got a sassy haircut that changes everything. What a difference a few seemingly minor changes can make! I got more compliments on this outfit at work than I have on anything in a long time. I'm really happy with how this turned out and I think I've managed to rescue an orphan!


WIW - I lived through the 80's

You've seen this dress all summer long. Now that my crazy meetings are over, I can wear it with flats, hurray! I also tried to make it more fall-like by adding the shrug, but it got too hot and I had to take it off mid-day. Outfit features my shoulder-grazing gold hoops from my 16th birthday. Take a guess what year... quick hint, Salt n' Pepper had their biggest year ever and were sporting them in their videos! Now that's one old golden oldie!


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WIW - Debuts of my NYC YLF Meetup loot

Two important debuts of my NYC loot!

1) Here are the Angie approved Taupe Miz Mooz boots!! They are comfy and super soft supple leather. The woven top was the only Missoni piece left at my Target. The geometric pattern goes perfectly with my NAS statement pendant and the colors work with the purple magenta seamed skirt.

2) Leather obi belt used to liven up a favorite golden oldie dress.

I am loving my new pieces and I'd love to hear your feedback and styling suggestions. Thanks for looking!


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WIW The day YLF girlfriends crowded into my closet in the morning

Waves to MaryK's fever pink skirt, Anna's DV sandals, Angie's cropped jean jackets!!

I may have jumped the shark with this one - it was a little too bombshell in action for work even for me!!

Photos show the debut of my new Cole Haan soft gold tote. I ordered it in optic white but it arrived in gold instead. I really like it, it's soft and slightly distressed, not shiny, so I will be using it as a neutral. I'm keeping it and plan to search for a white bag next summer. DV for Target 4" sandals were surprisingly comfortable all day.


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WIW to prevent melting in 100 degree heat

My weather reality is pretty grim this week. We're going from a low of 93 to a high of 102. Here come all of my summer OTG dresses I bought just for this purpose.

1) Rodarte for Target dress. I feel like I need long hair and 3 hole dm's to make this dress work. As I have neither, I tried to toughen it up with my husband's belt looped around.

2) Thrifted Kors blouse and dark wash denim pencil skirt. The nice thing about this silk blouse is that it is so light, it barely touches my body when I'm wearing it.

3) Another Target dress - I usually like this dress with a cardi, but that just wasn't happening today. Hope the cap sleeves and short length aren't too offensive here.

I haven't melted yet. Only 2 months of this to go. Wish me luck surviving the heat wave!


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WIW 80's fever pink

I'm loving my fever pink skirt. I'm so glad I sent back the other defective one. I wasn't planning to post this WIW. My husband must have mentioned like 5 times how much he liked this outfit so I thought it deserved an honorable mention. YLF comments and suggestions always welcomed!

Fever pink halogen seamed skirt
Target Chambray shirt
Sofft Pavia's
Hubby's braided belt


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WIW 7/12-7/14, Dressy week

Hi all! I realized it's dressy dress week for me. My style is varying a lot but I feel like I'm starting to figure out how to emphasize my best parts. While I may not have a cohesive style statement like many others here, I definitely have dressing goals. I want to make curves where I don't have much. How am I doing?

1) AT dress, Sofft Pavia's. This is my summer "important" work day dress. I need to look polished, authoritative and approachable here.

2) Kids Target denim vest, vintage silk midi. The vest got some mixed reviews, but Angie gave it a thumbs up so I decided to give it a whirl. I liked this new way to wear my midi. It feels more fun and natural for me than wearing a cardigan. It felt very 70's. My coworker said, "You actually look good today" like she was surprised that all these pieces worked together. Talk about a cutting compliment!

3) Calypso St. Barth's for Target dress, DV golden gladiators, hubby's braided belt. Any suggestions for another type of belt? This feels dark but I'm not having any other bright ideas at the moment.

Feedback and suggestions always welcome! Thanks for looking and have a great day!


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WIW Already one harsh crit

Sorry about the crazy work bathroom mirror pictures! I came downstairs today and my daughter said, "mommy you do NOT look good today." Ack! Please tell me she is just reacting to the fact that I am not wearing a girly dress to work.

I am trying Angie's crop pants advice from yesterday. These are my first pair of skinny's from a few years ago. Here I've rolled them boyfriend style. They're too tight to roll any further. I wore low contrast shoes so my feet wouldn't look like weights at the bottom. Also, check out the top, it is new from Loft. I like the camoflauging effect of the ruffles but if it is too soul sucking I may have to reconsider.


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WIW another low accessory day

Another day with low accessories. Maybe this is a trend for me. Despite my last two outfits being pretty much panned, I'm starting to feel more comfortable with my clothes, my body and style choices. I was wearing a lot of accessories for a while - tons of huge scarves, statement necklaces, earrings and sometimes even all of these at once! I don't feel like I have to distract attention from my body or my outfits any more.

This outfit was inspired by Nordstrom's 9 to 5 less buttoned up campaign. None of the pieces came from there, but I am thinking about ordering the sweet little blazer that is now on sale and one of Angie's picks.


I FEEL very tall in this outfit because of the heels. Realistically, I am still shorter than average height, but they make me stand very tall, very straight and give my legs a great shape.

ATL blazer (I am so over it, searching for a replacement!)
ATL blouse
Target denim skirt
Sofft Pavia heels
Vintage Turquoise statement ring

Comments and suggestions always welcome! Have a great Memorial day weekend everyone!

xoxo, modgrl


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