WIW Saturday nite in Little Odessa

This is how we do it. Black from head to toe. Is there any other color? Full bling on -- 4" long rhinestone earrings, diamond watch and my newly reset diamond ring. Whbm dress, target shoes and clutch.


WIW dotty meets kitty inspired by Karen

Once again the lovely and sophisticated Karen has inspired a whole slew of fabulous outfits! I was so happy in this outfit today, thinking about my YLF sisterhood across the world and across generations. I am so inspired by you all.

Marc Jacobs dotty, Ann Taylor Loft skirt, target denim shirt, Cole Haan air Tali wedges.


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WIW more beach vacation shots

Warning, ultra casual beach wear ahead!

Day 1: inspired by the nordie's summer mini catalog. I thrifted this light blouse to use as a beach cover up but liked it enough to wear it on its own.

Day 2: Target hi/low cover up dress over cropped leggings. This also worked over my black bathing suit.

Day 3: shorts and white lacey trimmed tank. I may have been the most dressed up one at the campground with this outfit.

I'm happy to be back home but also looking forward to a few more days of casual wear before heading back to work. Hope everyone had a great couple of days. I missed you all!


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Tahari coral debut

Posted on the run on the way to my daughter's dance recital. Be back later for more details. Love you all! Have a fab Saturday!!


Have YLF tastes evolved?

This dress is a golden oldie and wearing it with tough shooties always feels right to me. But the last time I wore this ensemble it got panned. People said the tough booties didn't go with the delicate dress and that they could possibly be shortening. But since that time it seems that many others are wearing booties and dresses, and ylf'ers keep trying to convince me that I can wear this combo too. I'm wondering if tastes have evolved and this outfit is now seen as ok or is this combo still questionable on me?

Yay: it works!

Nay: i'm too petite to pull off ankle booties with dresses!


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WIW playing around with statement necklaces

I've been pretty much off of jewelry these days but I decided to try some matchy-matchy jewelry outfits.

Sunday (1)- mother's day outfit. I didn't have a chance to catch a full shot but hopefully you get the idea. The colors of the necklace go perfectly with the dress.

Today (2/3)- debut of my Ann Talyor dot dress with brights. I added a coordinating handbag and pile up of necklaces. Actually it is the same statement necklace from yesterday but in a different color. Bonus shot of all the girls in the family together this morning.

I'd love to hear your suggestions. Have a great day!!


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WIW dd4's birthday party

I feel like this was better irl than I managed to capture on camera. White gap skinnies, target boys check shirt and gold topsiders. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

PS Natalie you inspired me to throw a little make up on -- a rare weekend occurance.


WIW shortie does volume over volume

Following Deborah's new silhouette yesterday, I thought I would try my own version of volume over volume. These are the pants I haven't shortened yet. I think I am going to take in just a bit in the front of my foot, not all the way around. Vince Camuto Rack pants, Angie recommended gianetta blouse, target wedges (gold bag not pictured).


WIW my heart will always belong to the mini

I know midi's are taking over this year but at least on me, my heart will always belong to the mini. This is the express overlapping stripes skirt. It feels so 80's, like coming home to find an old friend who hasn't changed a bit. I'm pretty sure the length of the skirt would be obscene on a normal height person but it feels just right on me. Worn with my nordie's bp cardi, target polka dot scarf, bandolino heeled boots and Dotty for the final graphic touch.

Vote with your heart please, no hard feelings!

Yay: length is short but fine on me
Nay: too short for work, possibly dated length


WIW something old and something new

This is a combination I've been wearing a lot lately. I'm really enjoying the look of a short cropped jacket over a longer tunic. This is the first time I'm wearing the caramel jacket with matisse booties, even though this is just the pairing I had in mind when I bought the jacket. The pants are new from my mini meetup with Janet at the Rack in Annapolis. They are a new shape for me, not too wide and not skinnies. I thought they'd be a nice change for work. Also new here is another target boys button down shirt in white. Hope you like, suggestions happily accepted! Have a great day!!


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